Newark Flight Security

Security Rules

Banned items
The following may not be carried in carry-on baggage:

  • Sharp Objects
  • Guns & Firearms
  • Sporting Goods
  • Tools
  • Martial Arts & Self Defense Items
  • Explosive & Flammable Materials, Disabling Chemicals & Other Dangerous Items
  • Dangerous goods

Only limited quantities of liquids may be carried through airport security into the departure lounge. This includes bottled drinks, suntan lotion, fragrances, cosmetics and toiletries.

The following restrictions apply to all liquids, creams, gels, pastes and aerosols taken through security control:

  • Liquids may only be carried in containers holding 100ml or less.
  • They must be carried separately in a single bag which is Transparent and resealable, No larger than 20cm x 20cm (8in x 8in), Able to close properly with all the items inside.
  • At security control, place the bag in the tray with your other items.
  • Liquids in containers over 100ml will not be permitted through security – please pack them in your checked baggage instead.

The following exceptions may be made to:

  • Baby food or baby milk: This exception is only permitted if you are travelling with a baby or infant. Please carry only what you need for the flight. You will be asked to open the containers and taste the contents. If you are not travelling with a baby or infant, excess liquids should be carried as checked luggage.
  • Liquid medicines: You are only permitted to carry quantities of liquid medication in excess of your personal liquid allowance where it is needed during the course of your flight. All medication should be accompanied by documentary proof of authenticity, such as a prescription or letter from a medical practitioner confirming that you need them for your journey. Liquid medication that is not required on the flight should be carried as checked luggage.

Explosive or flammable liquids, and those that are considered toxic, are not permitted in either carry-on or checked luggage.

Items banned from checked baggage
For safety reasons, the following items cannot be taken on to an aircraft. Please do not pack them in either carry-on or checked luggage.

  • Flares (in any form).
  • Gun Lighters.
  • Gun Powder including black powder and percussion caps.
  • Blasting Caps.
  • Dynamite.
  • Fireworks.
  • Hand Grenades.
  • Plastic Explosives.
  • Realistic Replicas of Explosives.
  • Aerosol (any except for personal care or toiletries in limited quantities).
  • Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel).
  • Gasoline.
  • Gas Torches.
  • Lighter Fluid.
  • Common Lighters - Lighters without fuel are permitted in checked baggage. Lighters with fuel are prohibited in checked baggage, unless they adhere to the Department of Transportation (DOT) exemption, which allows up to two fueled lighters if properly enclosed in a DOT approved case. If you are uncertain as to whether your lighter is prohibited, please leave it at home..
  • Torch Lighters - Torch lighters create a thin, needle-like flame that is hotter (reaching 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit) and more intense than those from common lighters. Torch lighters are often used for pipes and cigars, and maintain a consistent stream of air-propelled fire regardless of the angle at which it is held. Torch lighters continue to be banned..
  • Strike-anywhere Matches - One book of safety (non-strike anywhere) matches are permitted as carry-on items, but all matches are prohibited in checked baggage.
  • Flammable Paints.
  • Turpentine and Paint Thinner.
  • Realistic Replicas of Incendiaries.
  • Chlorine for Pools and Spas.
  • Fire extinguishers and other compressed gas cylinders.
  • Liquid Bleach.
  • Spillable Batteries - except those in wheelchairs.
  • Spray Paint.
  • Tear Gas - Self Defense Sprays containing more than 2% by mass of Tear Gas (CS or CN).
  • Vehicle Airbags.
  • Flammable liquid, gel, or aerosol paint.
  • Marijuana (including both medical and non-medical).

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