Newark Flight Connections

EWR Flight Connections FAQs

How do I find my gate number?
When you get to the departure lounge, check the flight information screens and listen for announcements. You will find gate numbers on the information screens one hour before departure.

Do I need to collect my baggage? It depends on your airline. Often your baggage will be checked through to your final destination and you won’t need to touch it before. However, this service isn’t available for all flights so check with your airline before you fly.

If you booked your flights separately to create your own flight connection, you will have to pick up your baggage at Newark Airport.

Where do I get my boarding card?
Your airline should give you all the boarding cards you need, including those for any connecting flights, when you first check in. If you don't have yours, please contact your airline.

What if my inbound flight is delayed?
Tell a member of staff as soon as you land – they'll do whatever they can to help you get to your connecting flight in time, including telling you the quickest way to the gate.

If flight delays mean that you miss your onward flight, go to your airline desk when you arrive at Newark Airport. Your airline representative will tell you what you can do.

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