Newark Airport Flight DL 6302

EWR Flight Information

Flight DL 6302,  Delta Air Lines

Flight status: Departed
delay 38 min
From: Newark
Newark Liberty International Airport, EWR
Scheduled Departure:2:03 pm, 17 Nov 2017  next day >
Actual Departure:2:41 pm, 17 Nov 2017
Departure Terminal:B 46B
Raleigh/Durham, RDU
Scheduled Arrival:3:44 pm, 17 Nov 2017  
Actual Arrival:4:27 pm, 17 Nov 2017
Arrival Terminal:2 D8
Airline: Delta Air Lines
Flying distance: 416 miles
Estimated Flight Time: 1 h 16 min
Aircraft: Canadair (Bombardier) Regional Jet 700 and Challen

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